Meet Ralph

Who is Ralph?


I am a creative with deep experience in marketing and visual arts, such as photography, videography and graphic design to start the list. I have a passion for all things creative. Sometimes that passion can even distract me from enjoying movies because I notice every small detail and contemplate on which camera, lens and lighting technique it took to shoot every scene.

When I am not working or researching my craft, I like to disconnect and go to where cell signal and wifi can't. That could mean backpacking through a national forest, canoeing out to an island with my dog Aric or breaking out the recovery gear to get out of a bottomless bog hole. This is my happy place. If I am not answering my phone, then there is a good chance I am doing what is pictured above, enjoying local coffee (cowboy style, with no filter and all the grinds in my cup) in the middle of nowhere watching the sunrise. But don't worry, im good at balancing work and play, so this is my reward after making my client's dreams a reality!